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Anna Gumkowska


“Underground Japan” 2012-2013, Tokyo, Japan

This series shows several different aspects of Japanese underground culture which I had opportunity to witness during my over 1,5 year living in Tokyo and Osaka. It contains photos of Japanese mafia – Yakuza, as well as pictures from night clubs and streets of Tokyo’s areas with “bad reputation”… You should be aware of the fact that tattoos still have very negative connotations in Japan and are forbidden to be shown in many public places such as amusement parks, swimming pools or beaches.

“Hong Kong: In search of the sky…” November 2013, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well-known for it’s lack of space for anything, from extremely small flats, sky-high blocks of flats up to the crowdy streets extremely flooded with banners and signboards all over the city. In many cases, in central area of HK it is even hard to see the sky, and there is this strange feeling of dirty, high air pollution wherever you go…still this place is unique and fascinating!

“Fukushima: In silence” August 2013, Namie, Fukushima prefecture, Japan

Namie is a small town in Fukushima prefecture, around 10 km from the destroyed nuclear powerplant. It was badly hit by tsunami on 11 of March 2011 as well as many other towns nearby the japanese coast. Namie became a symbol of tsunami tragedy, because it is still abandoned even today as the radiation overthere is too high and too dangerous to live there. The houses, shops and other facilities are not only destroyed but also totally empty. There are still many signs of the tsunami which havn’t been removed, it is a silent city nearby a picturesque coast…After the Fukushima’s powerplant disaster there were several big and countless small protests against nuclear power in Japan, what you can also see in the second part of this series.

“Streets of Tokyo” 2012-2013, Tokyo, Japan

These Photos were taken during my over a year stay in the capital of Japan. I focused not only on people but also on street fashion which reflects special style and atmosphere of this vivid, “never sleeping” city. Individualism, which is often consider in Japan as something negative, has it’s own rules on the streets of Tokyo, especially in fashionable areas like Shibuya or Harajuku…

“Kyoto – tradition alive” March 2013, Kyoto, Japan

I took this photos while living in Osaka, which is located close to Kyoto. I had luck to capture maiko – girls who are taught and then become Geishas. Kyoto is a magical place, very different from other Japanese cities. Calm, misterious, unlike to the rest of the country, people in here are not in hurry anywhere…similar atmosphere we can expereince in Nara, small town near Kyoto, which is destination for many tourists, famous for deers walking all around the town (2 last picutres where taken in Nara).

“Citizens of paradise” February 2013, Bali, Indonesia

It’s a concept photos which show Bali’s local habitants. They all live in a tropical, beautiful place, but often have no time to enjoy it or have to work hard to please thousands of tourists who come to their lovely homeland each year. Sometimes even kids work hard…is it a paradise for them or just for the tourists?

“Urban dirty dream” November 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

“Urban dirty dream” is an art and fashion project accomplished in Taipei, Taiwan. This was a project fully designed by me – starting with the choice of the clothes and style, locations of the city up to the shooting itself. It involved two young Taiwanese models. My idea and inspiration were connected with the industrial and artistic part of the city including street-art and unconventional elements. Rigid poses refer to machines, rules and trap of routine which belong to the attitude of the modern, crowded societies.

“Malaysian mix” 2013

Everyday shoots from Malaysia. It is very unique and specific place, people live in moderate peace and are very tolerant, even it’s a muslim country and the law is still mixed with the religion. But there is also  mix of wild nature and urban concepts. City and a “jungle” united, especially in Kuala Lumpur and it’s suburbs…

Zombie Run for Worldshare & MTV Taiwan”  November 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

I was an official photographer for Zombie Run event in Taipei. Project fulfilled for Taiwanese agency Worldshare in cooperation with MTV Taiwan. It was truly full of fun, savage and blood ;-). This was a themed marathon, where people were divided into two groups – zombies and humans. It’s not so hard to guess what was the role of the groups. There were more than 2,000 participants involved and I must say that the creativity of Taiwanese people impressed me – so many amazingly great looks and zombie creations! The event last till late evening hours and was definitely one of the kind experience!

“Taiwanese perspectives” 2013-2014,  mostly Taipei, Taiwan

I used to live in Taiwan for half a year. During that period of time I had a chance to observe and immortalized with my camera, some people during their everyday life. This shoot has no strict frames, the idea was to show different types of pictures, snap shots, taiwanese mosaik…


Thank you for your interest in my work.


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